Unit Maker 2

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Unit Modification and Management

You can access the Unit Maker Sub Module, as indicated in the Getting Started – Features & Menus 2 section.

Left Panel – Here you can either select from available units blueprint you may have already created (or that I provided already with the module)

Right Panel – Here you can edit the previously selected unit blueprint. This not only modifies the Unit Maker asset file your editing, but also importantly ANY Game Object with this file will also have these same values or edits you make. Keep this in mind, while developing your game. Anything edited in this panel (like many other panels in the RTS Module), will auto save what values you enter. 

Bottom “Create” Button – Here we can click the Create Button to have the option to create a New Resource of your choosing.

In this new window you would add the information pertaining to your new units’ blueprint, and finally clicking save. Now you have a new unit blueprint, added to the system.

*There is no limit to the number or varied types of Units you can create. The only limitation is your imagination.*


Ok Great, but how do I make an actual Unit?

A Unit is comprised of a few specific components, that allow it to become an available unit to be used as a part of your game. Most notable you would need to add the component “Unit Source“. The additional components needed are as shown below,, with them all being added as a component of the previously mentioned Unit Source.

Components of a Unit- with color key for above image

  • Thick Red = Unit Maker File
    • Drag and Drop from the folder you created the file in
    • Usually Located in Assets / Resources or Assets / Vexstorm Computers / RTS Module / Resources
  • Orange The Game Creator Unit (GC Character with UnitSource Attached) that you decided to create
    • This can be literally any Game Object, primitive (I.E. Sphere) or otherwise (building model).
      • Does require a Collider of some type.
      • Suggested to use Nav Mesh Obstacle Component
  • Blue = The UI Elements associated with the GC Unit
    • Dark Blue
      • Selection Visual
        • By default needs to be inactive
        • Reflects when we click on a unit
    • Light Blue
      • Health UI Slider
      • Fill Image
        • This will reflect the Full color, until resources are ‘pulled’ from node, resulting in the color lerping / blending to empty color.
  • Green = Unit Vision
    • This would be an Empty Game Object, but should be positioned in the front area of where your character models ‘Eyes‘ are. 
    • This is used via the AI system to allow your units to “see”
  • RedAmmoFire Origin
    • This would be an Empty Game Object, but should be positioned in the front area of where your character models ‘hands are’ or where you would like ammo to instantiate from. 
    • This is used via the AI system to allow your units to “attack, with a prefab ammo of your choice” 

It is Important to be sure you create a Unity “Tag” and name it Unit for the GC Unit that you just created. Enemy Units would be tagged specifically “Enemy”, while Player Units are tagged “Unit”

What do I need minimally, to get these Units moving in my game?

o get this working easily in your project remember to always follow the guidelines laid out earlier (here) and start with a clean project, (please) before testing in your actual game.

Additionally since a major part of getting your newly created Units working, is the use of the custom Unit Manager, the next section will go over that RTS component and how it is configured as well.

Please Continue to Unit Manager, for additional instructions

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