Scenes for Testing

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Demo Scenes for Testing

We have provided the following test scenes for your use. These are very simple scenes meant for testing the varied offerings that RTS Module has. Please keep this in mind during your testing.

Additionally its important to note that each unique scene is designed to end automatically to a Game Over scene utilizing our Game State Manager, and decisions given by Scenario Manager. I have preemptively made them this way for testing but will provide guidance in the Scenario Maker, for a guide & tutorial on how to modify it.

Each below scene settings are specifically controlled via the Game Manager screen with the below check boxes

  • RTS_Moving
    • This scene is setup to allow only player units (50) on the scene 
    • This scene allows you to easily move these respective units, individually or more by left clicking OR left clicking and dragging over the units you want to control
    • Check Boxes Used-
      • None
  • RTS_Wandering
    • Allows the same as above +
    • Units are set to wander on their own, at specific time frame intervals ( 7 seconds roughly)
    • Check Boxes Used-
      • Wandering
  • RTS_Attacking
    • Allows 50 player Units, as well as 50 enemy Units
    • Allows the player only characters to be controlled
    • Allows AI and Wandering to be active
      • Keep in mind this is a basic implementation
        • Designed to be basic, for ease of use, and ease of extendibility.
      • Settings can be changed for each unit type to make them stronger, faster, better health, etc., to make the fighting more realistic and and more powerful
    • Check Boxes Used-
      • State Machine, Wandering, Melee, Shooting
  • RTS_Resources
    • Allows you to control player units (5)
    • Simple gathering AI implemented allow the 5 Gathering Player to pull from the 3 provided for resources Nodes
      • These nodes randomly generate their amount of resource using already created resource maker templates
    • Check Boxes Used-
      • Wandering, Resource System
  • Game Over
    • Very simple Game Over scene. This is a “secondary scene” and is used to show the following:
      • Game State Manager switches scene to Game over based off decisions in the Scenario Manager.
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