Introduction to the RTS Module 1.0

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Before we dive deep into what RTS Module is, its make up, features, and so on… to begin with, allow me a moment to explain some very important and and relevant points, related to this Software, broken down in this section is “Requirements“,  “Our Concept“, and finally “Expectations


  1. The Real Time Strategy Module will be mentioned in this knowledge base guide, but oftenly will be referred to, and known, as The RTS Module 
  2. This software (RTS Module) requires Game Creator which can be purchased separately here.
    • Although just the core is required, this software can, and does benefit from the use of other Official and Non Official modules as well. 
  3. This software (RTS Modulerequires Unity Engine Software
  4. The above software are requirements for this guide to be of use to you and its expected that by moving forward with this guide, you have purchased the RTS Module, Game Creator Core, and have a license to use Unity Engine Software (Free or Paid versions).
  5. As you should with any new software or asset, you should backup your current projects, as well as settings before exploring what this software can do for you.
  6. This module should be installed in a clean, and new instance of Unity.
  7. It is not advised to try to use this software outside of the environment described above. Doing so will only make any potential issues or troubleshooting far more challenging to address and course correct.

Our Concept-

The very idea of the RTS Module came honestly for a want , or a craving to develop a Realtime Strategy Game for my children much like the ones I grew up with when I was a kid. After seeing what was available in the Unity Asset store, and testing a few out, I noticed a pattern with them that didn’t sit well with me. My thoughts were “If I am going to spend XYZ money, why restrict me on what or what I can not do.”, in that moment, the RTS Module was born.

Our concept is very literally like Legos that we played with when we were growing up, but with a software spin to it.. The ideas and concepts are as follows:

  1. To allow for as many RTS game solutions as possible.. There are so many RTS systems out there, that only support one or two types of the Real Time Strategy Genre. Our goal is to quite literally support the creation of ALL RTS games.
  2. To be as informative and educational, as it is useful. We want the module to not only help you develop a RTS game but to also help you in the development mindset along the way as well. This is provided by strong communication, guides, videos, etc.
  3. To be as modular and flexible as possible, so that one major component of the RTS module could survive without the other major portion or vice versa. This concept, allows for this software to reach out further within the genera RTS, but even further still into other genera’s, such as RPG, Action, Sports, Arcade, etc.
    • A wonderful example of this is our Resources Management System. This system allows you to create your own unique resources and then collect them through out the game you develop. Since the system is very modular, this means you can also use the same system in a character non stop runner / arcade game, where you have to pick up “resource” tokens, or a car game, where you race around a track and grab “resource” nitro for speed, or “resource” tires for better traction. The ideas are limited only by your imagination.


As with any software you purchase, user experiences will vary, and expectations can be skewed. To that fact I want to finally be sure I was clear on what RTS Module is, and is not. This is meant to be sure that the RTS Module is the correct product for your needs, both now and into the future. As well as being sure, your experiences as well as our products meet your needs and personal happiness. This truly matter to us. We are proud of this software and we want you to be proud owning as well!

  1. This is not an “easy” button, where you press a few buttons and poof, RTS Game made. Making anything takes a certain eye for game design, art, and aptitude. Our Software simply makes it far easier to develop a game designed for Real Time Strategy, than would have been realized previously.. Especially when partnered with the power that is Game Creator.
  2. This will not design all of your art work, or every nuance and configuration your mind can dream up.. Designing a game, from start to finish will require, real time, patience, and work. This said, RTS Module will give you every available option we could think of to take a huge chunk of the burden , especially behind the scenes, to make your game development life cycle be shorter, for you to get more return on your investment, and for the end result to be exactly what you hoped it be and more.

Welcome again to our family! We are excited to see what new adventure you may take us on next. 

Please click on the available option on the left that best suites where you would like more information. “Getting Started” is the next guide if you are just getting started with our RTS Software