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Best Practices

The following Installation Steps will be needed to properly install your RTS Module

** Its again important to highlight the Best Practice of installing RTS Module into a clean (new) project. Please never install RTS Module with out first backing up your project first, if you decide to install in an active project**

** Additionally, the following software must be installed

  1. Game Creator (Core Minimally) Must be installed first, for this software to work properly.
  2. Ensure you have TextMeshPro installed from the package manager.

All of the above must be done before installing the RTS Module

Step 1

Install from the Unity Asset Store, the RTS Module. The following screen will appear.

Step 2

Please go to the Game Creator module manager, and left click on the new option “Real Time Strategy” Module.

Then left click on the enable option, which will prompt one more final install of the RTS Module As shown in the following Images

Step 3

It is also important to add a Resources Folder to your project. This is needed to save your newly created files as you make them!

Project >>> Assets  >>> Resources

Step 4

The software is now installed, and ready to be used!

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