Features & Menus

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Why an entire 2 sections for Features & Menus? The RTS Module, is a Module built upon a framework of mini modules. To make your navigation of the many features and menus, we wanted to be sure to get you off to a great start!

One of the common access points or “hubs” in Game Creator, is the Game Creator preferences screen. Guess what we are there as well! Simply point your mouse to Menu Option Game Creator  >  Preferences and left click on Real Time Strategy. 

“Welcome!!!!” , you Made It!

The Preferences Window will be the easiest way to access many of the software options you have with the RTS Module. As such you will find we will refer back to this page often, and usually specifically a named tab that’s available for use.

There are three specific tabs to take note inside the RTS Module portion of the Game Creator preferences screen.

– Welcome –  A clear way for us to welcome you, and give you any pressing updates, as well as direct access to our site from within Unity. **Image shown above**

– RTS Creators – A Suite of mini applications to develop varied but important portions of the RTS Module system such as:

Resource Maker, Unit Maker, AI Maker, Game State Maker, and finally Scenario Maker

– Settings & Tools – A Suite of mini tools that assist in level development such as Terrain Creator/ Modifier, and Spawn Generator

Each section affords the user the flexibility to simply click a button to launch its the mini application they choose, in an easy way. The next section “Getting Started- Features & Menus 2“, will further explain these Features in more detail.

Besides giving access to these applications via the preference screen, you can also access them via the top menu bar “Window > Vexstorm Computers > RTS Module” (Below images will easily reflect this) and if you would rather not use the Top Menu Bar you can simply right click in any folder in your project (within Unity) and be able to follow the context menu “Create > Vexstorm Computers > RTS” to access your wanted creation application option.

This section below is to give a visual checkpoint of where you can find a few of these described alternate menu paths: