We are a small, but very passionate, customer-focused,  Software and Hardware Development Company.

Our Mission is simple. To Provide excellence in product, service, and support, as no other company has provided before. We strive to always put our customers first, and meet their unique needs. Although small, we will create amazing content, and experiences together. 

Welcome to our Vexstorm Computers Family! This is where we bring the future of tomorrow, Now!

Meet Our Team

I am Christopher Andrzejewski, Founder, President, and Lead Developer of Vexstorm Studios

I would describe myself as a family man, with a beautiful wife and three amazing kids. I believe in being humble, as well as kind, and living life with integrity, believing full well, that not one person is better than another.

I have always had a deep interest in all aspects of technology, most notably in the fields of software and game developments. I am a big believer that there is no challenge one cannot overcome, so long as you put forth an honest amount of effort as well as time to work through the challenge, whatever that may be. This belief and drive to learn whatever I could, have allowed me to become quite competent in a variety of skills, related to software coding, game development, multimedia content, etc.

I have successfully built my own software and game development studio inside my home, as well as the custom computer I work on. I have published several software assets for use in game development and intend on continuing to improve upon them, while also developing new software as well as games in the future. I also aspire to build a greater presence on a variety of platforms, to share all I have learned, (and continue to learn), on this journey of game development and family life. 

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