Introduction to Defines Creator Pro

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What is Defines Creator Pro?

Defines Creator Pro is a highly performant, Unity Editor Extension that allows you, the user, a tremendous amount of power to control the Unity Scripting Define Symbols. This software takes the Scripting Define Symbols system in Unity, using directives that control conditional compilation and simply makes it easier, faster to implement into your coding and game strategies.

As Unity puts it:

“Unity’s support for the C# language includes the use of directives, which allow you to selectively include or exclude code from compilation, based on whether certain scripting symbols are defined or not defined.”

This software is not only highly performant but very unique that it is really 2 software systems in one!!

  1. The Creation and Management of your own Unity instance define symbols
  2. Designed to allow the Creation of self-contained mini software applications (The Define Creator Pro Scriptable Objects) that can be run, alongside your own software that you publish to asset store, and/or deploy to your own systems, or another end user. 


Wait, what does that all mean and why would I need it?

Setting Defines both inside the Player Preferences – Scriptable Define Symbols, as well as into block segments into your own code, allows you to conditionally block off sections of code from running, or to allow it to run, based off what platform you build to, as well as what specific assets you may have inside your project.

This helps in case you want to support a multitude of assets, that perhaps do not play well together, or perhaps, want to develop one game with only one code base, that can work across several platforms, from the same code base, but utilizing conditional compilation, to block off code, that may interfere with other assets, or platforms it runs on.

Ok, but why would I need Defines Creator Pro, when Unity supports this?

Great question!

There are two major groups I developed this software for. One would be for Individual Developers and their unique projects and the other for Asset Store Developers themselves.

Individual Developers

Depending on the asset that you may have included in your project, most times they do not self-install defines themselves, into player preferences, so there is no easy way to track, if one asset may interfere with another, and then easily block off code, based off what you have included in your project. Unfortunately, there are those times, with certain assets from the Unity Asset Store where an asset may conflict with another but work wonderfully separately, and apart.

This is where Defines Creator Pro shines. It has the unique ability to auto scan all namespaces in a project, then identify the namespaces you have in a previous step stated you are interested in, and then set the appropriate defined symbol into Unity’s player preferences, all automatically, and quickly. All in less than 30 seconds on average.

With Defines Creator Pro, you have full control, over what namespaces, you care about, as well as what define symbols you would like installed, for each unique namespace identified. All from a super quick, easy to use custom inspector-based system

Asset Store and Software Developers

This software further helps those who would develop software to publish onto the unity asset store, or within their own software for unity editor via an easy-to-use custom editor and designer.

The system is designed to allow a user of Defines Creator Pro, to create a scriptable based object of Namespaces, which you want to identify and be aware of in your codebase, as well as associated Defines you would like installed, when a Namespace you are seeking is located, all programmatically, and automatically.

The scriptable-based object that is created via the Defines Creator Pro system, is safe and easy to include in your project’s software. This unique file is designed for use alongside your own software, to quickly self-install during import, identity what Namespaces are within a project, and set Define Symbols in the Unity Project Settings based on the parameters of the custom file you had created. After the import, and install process completes, the software then deactivates itself and never interferes or interrupts your customer’s editor sessions again.

In Summary-

The codebase is performant and as fast as it is effective. I have provided 6 carefully crafted scripts, designed to make the experience in using Defines Creator Pro, easy, and intuitive. I have also included a test scene, as well as a testing script to show how everything ties/works together

This software is versatile, easy, clean, and will improve your coding experience.

Thank you for taking the time to look!

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